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Simulator Service Plans

Service Plan Overview


Service Plan 1

Service Plan 2

Service Plan 3

AOG Assist

Technical Queries

(60 credits per year)


(150 credits per year)


(Unlimited credits per year)

Critical Spares Pack

Critical Spares Refresh

Standard Exchange (New For Old)


Premium Exchange (New For Old)



Inclusive Consumables


SimU Maintenance Course Approved Certification

SimU Extended Access


(Six months)


SimU +



Software Updates (CTS Library)


Aftermarket Credit


Loyalty Discount Program


Why Choose Our Service Plans?

exterior of a full flight simulator

Reliability and Safety

Our service plans ensure that your Full Flight Simulator is regularly maintained and updated by experts. This enhances the reliability of your simulator, reducing the risks of technical issues during training sessions.

pilot and captain in full flight simulator taking off

Reduced Downtime

Service Plans include proactive maintenance and troubleshooting, which can significantly reduce downtime. This means your simulator is available for training when you need it, minimizing disruptions to your operations.

Engineers undergoing maintenance on a flight simulator

Cost Savings

Our Service Plans are designed to save you money long term. They will allow you to address potential issues before they become major problems, avoiding expensive repairs and replacement parts. Additionally, by having access to regular maintenance, you can expect an extended lifespan of your simulator.

pilot in full flight simulator

Performance Optimization

Service Plans often include performance optimization services. This means your simulator will operate at peak efficiency, providing a more realistic and effective training experience for your pilots.

full flight simulator cockpit controls

Priority Access and Support

Having a Service Plan in place will ensure you receive priority access to software updates and technical support.

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