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Spacecraft S-Band Transponder

Product Specifications

Our most robust and flexible S-Band product to date, the model C/TT-520 S-Band multimode transponder provides full-duplex communications with a variety of NASA networks and protocols. It leverages the latest available technologies, traditionally tested and screened in accordance with EEE Level 2 parts program methods. It is ideally suited to the harsh realities of space communications. The C/TT-520 features receive data rates from 125 bps to 3 Mbps and transmit rates up to 6 Mbps. It maximizes throughput while maintaining a noise figure of 2.5 dB and implementation loss of 1.5 dB – assuring robust link closure under even the most marginal of conditions.  

The C/TT-520 is configurable to suit both your mission and your spacecraft bus. Selectable parameters include RF frequency, 1 of 85 gold codes, receive and transmit data rates, receive and transmit modulations, RF output power, encryption/decryption, convolutional encoding, Viterbi decoding and Reed Solomon encoding/decoding. Available interfacing includes RS-422 low-voltage differential signaling, universal asynchronous receiver transmitter and SPI.


The C/TT-520 is designed, built, assembled and tested all within one facility and is serviced and supported by engineering professionals with decades of spaceflight design experience. Every C/TT-520 delivered is accompanied by domain expertise in parts, material, radiation analysis, mechanical engineering, power supply design, digital signal processing, radio frequency design and manufacturing engineering. For most applications, existing data items can be provided for review, reducing the analysis and testing required.

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