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This L3Harris suitcase-type APKWS launcher and designator kit provides a rapid solution for arming non-tactical vehicles (NTV) and a variety of tactical vehicles, while integrating components to customer-specific specifications. Our capability provides ground forces the ability to engage targets beyond the range of weapons normally carried by SOF and light forces.

Modular and palletized, the VAMPIRE system offers a low-cost and effective weapon deployment solution.


  • Designed to complement the low-cost, low-signature and availability of common NTVs and fit in any pickup or vehicle with a cargo bed
  • Installation can be completed in approximately two hours by two people using common tools
  • Can be configured to meet customer-specific requirements
  • Everything is on the pallet. Power supply eliminates the need for a 24-volt alternator on the vehicle
  • The WESCAM MX-10™ RSTA independent stabilized sighting system provides ISR overmatch
  • Can be equipped with APKWS or other laser-guided munitions


  • Vampire Data Sheet
    VAMPIRE™ Data Sheet
  • WESCAM MX-RSTA Brochure
    WESCAM MX™-10 RSTA Brochure

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