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VIP Dispatch Console

Powerful, compact communications

The VIP Console provides powerful, yet compact dispatch capabilities for use when the full-featured Symphony™ Dispatch Console is not required. With four communications modules, it is also perfect for administrative monitoring of system communications. This console can run on a standard PC desktop workstation or laptop and thus requires no specialized hardware. The VIP Console may be ordered with an L3Harris-supplied computer to guarantee public safety-grade operation or as a software kit for loading onto a laptop or workstation for on-site incident command vehicles or administrative use.

Radio platform compatibility

The VIP Console supports P25 communications through true end-to-end Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology. 

Secure communications

The VIP Console uses digital audio technology to provide end-to-end secure communications that are free from unauthorized access. Digital audio is encoded and decoded within the VIP Console application without analog audio being routed through the infrastructure. There is no compromise of security by using an external vocoding device. AMBE®, IMBE™, and ADPCM (conventional) vocoders are supported. Additionally, the VIP Console supports the AES encryption standard.


  • VIP Dispatch Console Datasheet

    VIP Dispatch Console Data Sheet