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Edmonton police and ambulance, Alberta Canada


Providing Assured P25 Access for Alberta

For the last seven years, L3Harris has delivered unparalleled communication network coverage for Canada’s ‘Energy Province.’

A top-down view of the OSIRIS-REx sample container with the lid removed, revealing the remainder of the asteroid sample inside. Photo: NASA/Erika Blumenfeld & Joseph Aebersold


NASA Opens Asteroid Sample Container Returned by OSIRIS-Rex; Learn What’s Next for This Intrepid Spacecraft

The team working at NASA’s Johnson Space Center successfully opened the OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft to reveal the complete sample of rocks and dust collected from asteroid Bennu by the agency’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft in 2020. The team earlier collected 70.3 grams of asteroid material from outside the container before the lid was removed, surpassing the NASA’s goal of returning at least 60 grams to Earth.

L3Harris’ Spaceflight Avionics Enables Critical Launch Performance for United Launch Alliance’s New Rocket Vulcan


L3Harris’ Spaceflight Avionics Enable Critical Launch Performance for United Launch Alliance’s New Vulcan Rocket

United Launch Alliance (ULA) is transforming the future of space launch with the launch of the Vulcan rocket. The superior reliability, cost, weight and capability of Vulcan provides a solution for the nation’s most critical need: reliable access to space. L3Harris shares ULA’s vision of revolutionizing how exploring space and deploying satellites happens. Vulcan replaces ULA’s Atlas V and Delta IV Heavy. Vulcan continues to deliver on ULA’s unparalleled reliability and precision by delivering a wide variety of payloads into space using L3Harris’ spaceflight avionics.

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