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AO-1010 Diode-Pumped Eye-Safe Laser

Diode-Pumped, Solid-State (DPSS) High-Efficiency Sid-Pumped (HESP) Laser.

Kigre AO-1010


The AO-1010 is an "Eye-safe" 1.54 μm diode-pumped, actively q-switched Erbium glass laser transmitter.


When you purchase an L3Harris DPSS laser, we include complimentary technical support for all of your laser driver needs. Our engineers have extensive experience helping customers get their project up and running quickly and reliably.

Whether you need miniaturization, high efficiency, wide temperature range, Bluetooth® wireless communication or all of the above, our engineering staff is available to support your project’s design and integration requirements.

Previous work includes a 20 g, 47 mm x 33 mm x 15 mm high performance driver with -45 ° to +85 °C operating temperature range, advanced I/O and laser protection. This driver provides precise 100 A square pulses of current with typical I/O efficiency of 95 percent and a wide 4.5 V to 38 Vdc input voltage range. Advanced input current limiting allows for reliable state-of-the-art battery applications.

Other projects include a Bluetooth®-compatible, miniature driver optimized for the entire family of L3Harris DPSS lasers. The driver provides 100 A current pulses with typical I/O efficiency of 92 percent and works with Android phones and tablets running version 2.0 (Éclair) or later. 


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