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MK-25 Laser Transmitter

Laser glass beam

Product Application

L3Harris produces high-quality proprietary laser glass formulas to manufacture critical internal components for laser transmitters. This capability and our scientific innovations allow us to control performance of our current product line and advance R&D for future product releases across multiple markets, including in the WESCAM MX™-Series.

 L3Harris’ WESCAM MX-Series multi-sensor, multi-spectral, electro-optic and infrared (EO/IR) surveillance and targeting systems support intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition missions across the air, land and maritime domains. WESCAM MX-Series systems provide operators with the highest level of range performance and stabilization, giving them the longest EO/IR target identification and designating ranges in the industry. All WESCAM MX-Series systems can be equipped with a laser range finder, contributing to precise target identification and tracking and providing operators with uncompromised situational awareness.

L3Harris MK-25 and MX-20


  • MK-25 - 100 Laser Transmitter Data Sheet

    MK-25 - 100 Laser Transmitter Data Sheet

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