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Bangkok Training Center, Thailand


The state-of-the-art training facility offers a modern, fully-equipped training environment, including a range of training devices and systems compliant to EASA, Thai CAAT, and several other national aviation authorities.

The Bangkok Training Center is purpose-built to meet the pilot training needs of today's airlines. It offers pilots a comfortable environment where they can most effectively develop their knowledge and skills.

We offer complete aviation training packages to both individuals and airlines upon request. These packages can include a range of accommodation and transport during training.

Address: Asian Aviation Training Centre (AATC) Ltd, Bangkok Airways, Bldg 3, 3rd Floor, 999 Moo 4, Bangna-Trat Rd, Bangchalong, Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540, Thailand

Call: +66 2 316 0622 24

Training devices

The Bangkok Training Center operates a comprehensive range of EASA qualified training devices and associated training tools, each protected by its own full time in-line Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to ensure interruption free operation:

A320 Full Flight Simulator
A330 Full Flight Simulator
A320 Flat Panel Trainer
A330 Flat Panel Trainer
ATR42 / 72-200 / 300 / 500 Full Flight Simulator
ATR72-600 Full Flight Simulator
ATR72-600 Enhanced Flat Panel Trainer

Tug & Towing Driver Simulator

Training Courses

All Airbus courses are EASA-approved and meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer footprint and can also be tailored to suit your standard operating procedures.

For those customers not operating under EASA regulations, L3Harris can provide customized training programs submitted to each respective national regulatory authority for approval.

Dry Lease
Wet Lease
Type Rating
SFI/TRI Course
PBN Course
Airbus A320/A330 SFI and TRE/TRI available upon request
ATR Classic Dry Lease
ATR 72-600 Dry Lease
Wet Lease 
Type Rating
ATR ELT Courses
ATR Delta Courses
ATR Renewals
SFI/TRI Course
PBN Course
Command Upgrade
EASA-licensed ATR SFI and TRE/TRI are available 24/7
TRI/SFI Basic Refresher Course
TRI/SFI Extended Refresher Course
Jet Bridging Course
Cockpit Resources Management (CRM) Course
RealitySeven/C95 FSTD Operator Course

L3Harris can arrange a variety of ATR and A320 aircraft maintenance courses upon request. The training will be arranged by the third-party training provider and take place at our facility.

Mechanical Course To give the trainee an in-depth knowledge of the airframe, engine, electrical and avionic line replaceable unit systems.
Avionic Course To give the trainee an in-depth knowledge of the electrical, instrument, autopilot and radio/radar systems; and basic knowledge on the required aircraft and engine systems.
Engine Run Up To give the trainee competence in practical line and base maintenance, using a structured learning process. The training will be conducted on the simulator and in the classroom.

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Our modern Bangkok Training Center has a computer-based training (CBT) room equipped with 20 workstations and an electronic library. There are multiple classrooms and debriefing rooms complete with mock-ups for ATR Classic, ATR 72-600, A320, and A330. There are also customer lounges available with refreshments supplied at no extra cost. A customer internet facility and photocopier are also available.

interior of full flight simulator in bangkok

Training devices

Our Bangkok Training Center houses a broad range of flight simulation training devices (FSTD) qualified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Each simulator is protected by its own full-time in-line uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to ensure a disruption-free operation.

Customer support and visas

We are here to make your stay at our Bangkok Training Center as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Our Bangkok Training Center staff assist with:

  • Preparing for your arrival - We will assist you with any necessary immigration documents and provide every assistance in obtaining your visa
  • Accommodation and local transport -  We will be pleased to make any hotel reservations and transportation arrangement on your behalf


Visa information

All customers are encouraged to contact the Thai Embassy located in their own country and request the relevant documentation and information required to enter Thailand.

Please make sure that business visas issued cover the length of stay required for each pilot. Seven day extensions can be granted by Thai Immigration Bureau on an individual basis but this can take time.



L3Harris has a team of dedicated and highly skilled simulator engineers and technicians who ensure that our devices are maintained at the highest standards and achieve availabilities far in excess of the industry average.

Our dedicated team of Database Modellers produce and maintain high quality, Level D standard, visual database scenes to support customer's training needs. 

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Airbus A320 & A330
Maintenance training