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Compact Pointer High-Accuracy Range Finder (CPHAR)


Vehicle commanders rely on CPHAR’s accurate target ranges in all battlefield conditions including fog, smoke, dust, sand and haze, day and night. CPHAR extends standoff range capabilities and provides improved battlefield situational awareness, and enables covert target pointing and handoff in stealth operations in complicated physical domains.

Commercially available, CPHAR is L3Harris’ next generation of low-cost, mature diode-pumped laser range finders. Strategically engineered for the harshest land vehicle environments, CPHAR’s optimal size, weight and power, make it ideal for applications where distance measurement and a compact footprint are vital to mission success. This laser range finder is designed for ground vehicle applications and provides up to 13 kilometers (8 miles) ranging capability with repetition rates up to 5 hertz and extended standoff ranges. When integrated into high-performance fire control systems, CPHAR provides precise distance measurements and accurate ranging of fast-moving targets from further distances, providing the vehicle greater protection.

L3Harris developments in laser range finder technology have improved laser beam divergence, laser boresight retention, system shot-life and receiver sensitivity – resulting in superior product performance even in the most demanding operational environments. This is crucial in battlefield conditions, where data overload and rapidly evolving information, combined with uncertainty, require accuracy, situational awareness and extended standoff ranges. 

As the result of concurrent development, CPHAR provides a common laser rangefinder for a variety of fire control sights. Driven by supply chain efficiencies, decreased costs and accelerated production, commonality reduces the number of spares, minimizing the logistics tail to increase operational availability.

A global leader in defense technologies and services, L3Harris is an ISO 9001 certified full-service designer and manufacturer of military grade eye-safe laser range finders, laser designators and multi-function laser systems. 

L3Harris Compact Pointer High-Accuracy Range Finders: Common Architecture, Superior Performance

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  • CPHAR Data Sheet
    CPHAR Data Sheet

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