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F/A-18 Electronic Warfare

The AN/ALQ-214 IDECM OBJ is the next-generation radio frequency (RF) integrated countermeasure system. The legacy (V)3 version is currently deployed on the U.S. Navy’s F/A-18E/F aircraft to provide self-protection. The current (V)4/5 version, which replaces the (V)3 version, provides enhanced capability for U.S. Navy F/A-18C/D/E/F aircraft in a smaller and lighter form factor.

Additionally, the (V)4/5 modular open system architecture (MOSA)-compliant design allows for technology insertion, enabling air superiority against the ever-evolving threats. The AN/ALQ-214(V)4/5 is the most advanced self-protection jammer system deployed in the world today.

The IDECM AN/ALQ-214 OBJ features autonomous operations within hostile environments to protect aircrew and aircraft against advanced radio frequency (RF) threats. This protection enables enhanced survivability by allowing the aircrew to concentrate on mission success. The system is designed to counter RF guided threats with proven electronic countermeasures (ECM) techniques that deny, disrupt, delay and degrade launch and engagement sequences. Each threat is identified, prioritized, countered and displayed to the aircrew for situational awareness as well as self-protection. The IDECM AN/ALQ-214 utilizes a modular and reprogrammable system to provide theater specific configurations.

Survivability for mission success

The F/A-18 Advanced EW system quickly identifies, prioritizes and defeats threats for mission success using the most advanced self-protection technologies available. L3Harris’ Advanced EW integrated electronic support measure/ electronic attack system tightly integrates developed technologies for capability in the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. Enhanced detection and onboard jamming capabilities protect the F/A-18 aircrew against advanced RF threats and is designed to counter them with proven electronic countermeasure (ECM) techniques, increasing the survivability of the aircraft and aircrew.

To provide future maintainability and upgradability, the L3Harris Advanced EW system uses a modular open systems approach (MOSA), allowing the insertion of new and upgraded technology on site, maximizing cost-effectiveness and improving speed-to fleet. The system maintains all existing data, mechanical and electrical interfaces for day-one “plug-and-play” integration onto the platform.

IDECM Specifications

AN/ALQ-214(V) 4/5 ComponentHardware Dimensions (IN) (W X H X D)Weight (LB)
Receiver, WRA-19.46 x 6.93 x 15.9536
Modulator, WRA-29.46 x 6.93 x 15.9540
Dual Transmitter, WRA-323.45 x 3.55 x 17.5057
Common Preamp, WRA-6/7/816.20 x 2.00 x 9.0014
Dual Mini Amp, WRA-1025.35 x 2.06 x 3.401
Mini Amp, WRA-1124.00 x 3.84 x 1.401
E/F Rack, Electrical Equipment126.95 x 12.86 x 18.9273
C/D Rack, Electrical Equipment226.95 x 11.49 x 18.9263
1AN/ALQ-214(V)4 Configuration Only  
2AN/ALQ-214(V)5 Configuration Only


  • AN/ALQ-214

    AN/ALQ-214 Sell Sheet

AN / ALQ-214 IDECM Contract Award with the U.S. Navy

AN / ALQ-214 (IDECM) Contract Awards

US Navy Awards L3Harris $104 Million Contract for F/A-18 Electronic Warfare System
Electronic warfare technology provides aircraft with unparalleled safety and mission success. Read more

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