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Hybrid Quadrotor™ Technology

The Future of Vertical Lift

From the inventors of Hybrid Quadrotor™ comes the most advanced Fixed Wing VTOL unmanned air system (UAS) to-date. 

Hybrid Quadrotor technology offers significant advantages over existing "runway independent" UAS, including:
  • Reduced operational footprint–No runway requirement, no approach obstacle issues, no launch/recovery infrastructure required.
  • Portability–By eliminating launch and recovery equipment, there are significantly fewer items to transport and ship.
  • Lower initial system cost–No launch and recovery infrastructure or expensive aircraft sensors required for VTOL capability.
  • Reduced ongoing operational costs–Fewer complex and cumbersome system elements to maintain, fewer people required to operate the system.



L3Harris has solved the enduring paradox of point takeoff & landing with fixed wing endurance using patented Hybrid Quadrotor™ Technology. L3Harris' FVR-90 provides vertical takeoff and landing of a quadrotor with the efficiency, speed and range of a fixed wing aircraft.

FVR-90 is a highly capable Group 3 UAS, with the footprint and logistics tail of a Group 2 system. Its robust and flexible design meets the demands of the Forcible Entry (JFE) Operations to include Detect and Assess Challenges in JFE Operations, and can take off and land in winds of up to 30 knots. Combine all that with our 20 years of systems integration expertise, and you’ll see why L3Harris’ end-to-end solutions are second to none. From hardware to software, logistics to service–when it matters most, we deliver the future of UAS. Only from L3Harris.

  • The Future of Vertical Lift is FVR today.
  • From the inventors of Hybrid Quadrotor™ comes the most advanced Fixed Wing VTOL UAS to-date.
  • The only purpose-built Hybrid Quadrotor™ in the market.
  • Payload agility. Removable modular payload nose and two hardpoints for simple end user integration and future expandability.


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