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Iver3 EP Open System UUV

Iver3 EP

The EP model is an open system AUV, users can install their hardware and make software extensions to the vehicle without a custom design. L3Harris provides physical space inside the forward section for user electronics and hull penetrators to make connections to external sensors. The Iver3 remote helm functionality allows users to integrate their sensors and take full control over the vehicle in real-time. The Iver3 EP includes a separate CPU, which allowing users to install their operating system, connecting to the added hardware.

The Iver3 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle remote helm functionality provides an open system interface, which allows users to easily integrate their own sensors, and take full control over the vehicle in real-time.

The remote helm design model includes a separate CPU, which allows the users to install their own operating system that can connect to the added hardware. The second CPU communicates with the Iver3 control CPU through a serial port via a rich set of commands for remote helm control. The user applications are wide ranging including remote helm use with MOOS-IvP (Mission Oriented Operating Suite – Interval Programming) software.

Iver3 EP No Forward Section
Includes User 2nd CPU (remote helm) & drive in main section.
Iver3 EP10 10″ Forward Section
Includes User 2nd CPU (remote helm) 
Iver3 EP16 16″ Forward Section
6 External Ports
Includes User 2nd CPU (remote helm)
  • State of the art open system
  • Models Available◦EP: No Forward Section. Includes User 2nd CPU (remote helm) & drive in main section.
    • EP10: 10″ Forward Section. Includes User 2nd CPU (remote helm).
    • EP16: 16″ Forward Section. 6 External Ports. Includes User 2nd CPU (remote helm).
  • Reliable, efficient, simple to operate
  • Launch and operate from shore
  • Single person operation
  • Affordable systems
  • Intuitive mission planner – mission planning in minutes
  • Field rugged
  • Compact design
  • Extended operation time
  • Wide variety of high resolution sonar options
Additional Information
Standard Length 74-85 in. (longer if payload section added)
Tube Diameter 5.8 in.
Weight 59-85 lb.
Depth Rating 100 meters
Endurance 8 to 14 hours at speed of 2.5 knots, configuration dependent
Speed Range 1 to 4 knots (0.5 to 2.0 m/s)
Communications Wireless 802.11n Ethernet standard (Iridium and Acomms optional)
Antenna Mast Navigation Lights with IR and visible LEDs (programmable strobe)
Tracking Internal Data Log Programmable resolution


Surface PS (WAAS corrected)
Subsurface RPI Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), 81 m range, depth sensor and corrected compass
VectorMap Mission planning and data viewing
Sonarmosaic Creates GeoTIFF images of side-scan records and KMZ files for Google Earth
Bathymosaic Creates GeoTIFF images for bathymetric data
Underwater Vehicle Console (UVC) Operation, run mission, remote control
Energy 800 W hrs. of rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries (Swappable section)
Onboard Electronics Intel Dual-Core 1.6 GHz N2600 processor with MS Windows embedded; Up to 512 GB solid-state drive for data storage
Propulsion System 48 V Servo Controlled DC Motor with three-blade cast bronze propeller
Control Four independent control planes (Pitch/Yaw Fins)
Charging 24 V External Connector
Data Port Gigabit Ethernet Bow


Available Sensors
Sonar Side Scan Edgetech 2205: Dual-frequency 400/900 kHz or 600/1600 kHz
Klein UUV-3500: Dual-frequency 455/900 kHz
Tritech Starfish: Single-frequency 450 kHz
Interferometric Co-Registered Sonar Edgetech 2205B: Swath bathymetry 600 kHz
Klein UUV-3500B: Swath bathymetry 455 kHz
Inertial Navigation System INS based on iXBlue PHINS Compact C3 fiber-optic gyroscope
CT Sensor Conductivity and temperature (NBOSI)
SVP Sensor Sound velocity probe (AML)
Communications Surface: 2.4 GHz telemetry radio for handheld remote and/or Iridium with cloud-based tracking software
Subsurface: Acoustic modem: (Benthos or WHOI)
Embedded Camera Module Downlooking Mako-G-234C (Color) Camera with strobe lighting


Acoustic modem (Benthos or WHOI)
Embedded Camera Module Downlooking Mako-G-234C (Color) Camera with strobe lighting
Topside Deck Box Surface equipment for subsurface comms with Benthos Acoustic Modem option
Handheld Remote Controller Touch screen based remote with joystick for surface control (300+ m range)
Acoustic Pinger Underwater locator beacon
Rugged Transit Case Includes custom foam inserts for Iver3 and collapsible AUV field stand
Magnetometer Support for towed Marine Magnetics Explorer
Field Rugged Operator Console Getac for mission planning, operating and data viewing
GPS Compass Stand High-accuracy, land based AUV calibration tool
Object Avoidance Sounder Imagenex 852 forward-looking echo sounder in AUV bow
Launch and Recovery Device Capture cocoon
Other Options Iver3 spares kit, swappable battery section with tail

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