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Multi-Pilot License (MPL) Course

Course overview

Geared specifically to the airline and aircraft type, L3Harris’ MPL courses aim to:

  • Provide an ab-initio cadet with the skills, knowledge, and attitudinal competencies to safely, professionally, and effectively carry out the assigned duties and responsibilities of a First Officer on a multi-pilot, multi-engine, turbine-powered aircraft in commercial air transportation
  • Obtain an EASA Part FCL MPL

The MPL program is versatile, as L3Harris works in tandem with the airline and associated regulators to ensure that the course footprint meets all regulatory aspects and produces highly skilled pilots. Each bespoke syllabus is based upon specific competencies, incorporating the airline's culture, fleet, and SOPs from day one. The syllabus automatically includes a type rating as part of the advanced stage.

On successful completion, the cadet is qualified to join the airline as a First Officer to carry out the base training elements leading to the issue of an MPL license.

Course content

The four phases of the dedicated airline MPL program take between 14 and 18 months. This route is shorter than other programs meaning it is a cost-effective solution and brings cadets onto the line faster.
The MPL course is a competency-based training program that complements and further develops the philosophy of vertical integration on which L3Harris' airline pilot training programs have been founded. The regulatory framework of competency-based MPL training enables the constant improvement of training results by continuous course oversight and management, based on feedback data from the ATO and airline.
From the first day of training to the final line check with the airline, the MPL program strives for a high level of continuity and commitment to identify, measure, and develop the competencies integral to the airline pilots' development.

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