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Shore Based Sonar Training System


L3Harris’ SBTS is a flexible, PC-based sonar training system that provides realistic and valuable training opportunities for apprentice, journeyman and advanced sonar operators. All training is conducted using the same user interfaces found aboard ship to ensure operators take their situational awareness with them when they join or return to the fleet – and feedback is immediately available after each training session.

L3Harris’ SBTS leverages shipboard data recorders, enabling all trainees to benefit from real-world data gathered during at-sea operations. The system’s data recorder storage facility (DRSF) allows for storage of 800 hours of recorded data. The SBTS is a cost-effective tool that maximizes sonar operators’ ability to detect, track and classify enemy threats at sea.


  • Improves fleet readiness
  • Enables operators to practice essential sonar operation and communication skills onshore
  • Optimizes sonar operators’ ability to effectively use shipboard sonar systems for successful naval operations
  • Equips sonar operators with the tools and knowledge to successfully identify and track threats at sea
  • Adapts to accommodate varying customer needs and mission requirements

L3Harris’ SBTS makes it possible for training facilities to recreate the complex at-sea environment in a controlled setting. The system enables realistic operator training by providing the following:

  • Stimulation and synthesis of background noise, reverberation noise and underwater acoustic signatures
  • Simulation of acoustic propagation paths and attenuation
  • Emulation of individual hydrophone element arrival time differences

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