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P25 and Public Safety Two-Way Radios

Clear and Secure Critical Communications with Proven Interoperability

The L3Harris P25 system combines the benefits of an IP-based network with industry-recognized P25 standards. The result is a single, cost-effective, IP-based network with high reliability. Our mobile and portable radios deliver clear and secure communications with proven interoperability.

You can access powerful FirstNet® capabilities with L3Harris converged XL FAMILY of LTE LMR P25 Radios. Improve Situational Awareness with crystal-clear audio combined with data sharing over the nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network.


  • XL Connect™ 45P Portable Radio
    XL Connect™ 45P Portable Radio
  • XL CONNECT™ 95P Portable Radio
    XL Connect™ 95P Portable Radio
  • XL-150P Single-Band Portable Radio
    XL Converge™ 150P Single-Band Portable Radio
  • XL-185P Single-Band Portable Radio
    XL Converge™ 185P Single-Band Portable Radio
  • XL-200M P25 Mobile Radio
    XL Onboard™ Series of Mobile P25 Radios
  • XL-200P Two Way Portable P25 Radio
    XL Converge™ 200P Multiband Portable Radio
  • XL Extreme™ 400P Fire Radio
    XL Extreme™ 400P NFPA compliant
  • CS7000 Control Station
    CS7000 Control Station
  • MASTR® V Base Station
    MASTR® V Base Station
  • P25 Cross-Band Vehicular Repeater
    Cross-Band Vehicular Repeater


  • XL Series Brochure
    XL Series Brochure
  • P25 Compliance Assessment Program Datasheet
    Project 25 Compliance Assessment Program Data Sheet
  • Project 25 Encryption Whitepaper
    Project 25 Encryption Whitepaper