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Precision Optics and Assemblies

Specializing in custom, large-scale optics

L3Harris provides optomechanical design, optical fabrication, test and assembly capabilities for precision optics solutions and systems. The company manufactures large optical components, including lightweight and solid mirrors in most geometric shapes, to meet low surface microroughness and tight surface figure error specifications. This experience, along with a rigorous metrology and testing program and state-of-the-art in-house facilities, enables us to meet demanding quality and delivery requirements.


Ion beam figuring Removes material at the atomic level, converging the optical figure to specification. This provides deterministic processing and exceptional edge control for segmented and full-aperture systems.
Magneto-rheological finishing Provides deterministic finishing and figuring to meet the most stringent requirements.
Small tool processing Processes surfaces to optical surface figure to within a few microns.
Specialized coatings Provide high-reflectance protected silver and aluminum coatings with low stress and high durability.
Testing and metrology Accommodates optics as large as 3.5 meters with ASC 9100 / ISO 9001:2008 certified accuracy to less than 10-nanometer RMS.
Simulation of space environments Compensates for gravity and vacuum from 300° K to 30° K.
Assembly facilities Provide clean environments using certified, experienced professionals.



  • L3Harris Precision Optics and Assemblies Sell Sheet

    Precision Optics and Assemblies Data Sheet

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    Innovation in Optics Technology by L3Harris

  • James Webb Space Telescope during deployment in space.

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