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SPS-48 Land-based Surveillance Radar

Our SPS-48 is a completely modern land-based surveillance radar

The SPS-48 is a complete modern radar system, including all of the major functional elements: low-maintenance frequency-scan antenna, high-performance solid-state transmitter, superhetrodyne receiver with digitally controlled frequency synthesizer, and Doppler signal processor—monitored by a comprehensive, integrated built-in-test (BIT) system. The modular system is scalable, providing best-value turnkey solutions customized to specific mission requirements.

Surveillance radar that provides continuous, reliable operation in hostile environments

Today’s emerging threats vary from high-altitude ballistic missiles to low-flying cruise missiles and aircraft. The modern battlefield requires monitoring of and defense against all of these threats—something only the SPS-48 can do in a single radar. For more than 40 years, SPS-48 radars have provided continuous, reliable operation in complex, hostile land and sea environments. Within a small footprint, these radars support multiple mission requirements by providing high-performance detection and tracking of targets with very low false alarm rates at high availability and low total cost of ownership.

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