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Technical Training for Emergency Responders

Let’s Get Technical

XL Series Devices and P25 Equipment for First Responders

Our instructors know L3Harris tech inside and out. They’re flexible and ready to meet you wherever you’re comfortable. From behind a screen in the virtual comfort of your home/office to safe in-person sessions with the latest CDC best practices observed. Whether it’s at our Lynchburg, Virginia training facilities or we come to you. And because learning is ongoing, we’re constantly expanding our training, keeping you in front of the learning curve.

We all learn differently.

It’s the reason why we offer a blended approach with hands-on and state-of-the-art web-based training. Flexible learning options, a wide array of online and in-person courses, ongoing education with new and updated classes, tech support — all the tools to ensure you become the best in your field.

More Ways to Learn 

Training. Your way.

PSPC Training In Class icon

In Class: See you in Lynchburg, VA for complete access to our labs.

PSPC Training On Location icon

On Location: Can’t come to us? We go to you.

PSPC Training Virtual icon

Virtual: Coming to you on screens big and small.

PSPC Training Online icon

Online: Self-paced for ultimate convenience and flexibility. Welcome to L3HTU (L3Harris Training University).


Ready to take your experience to the next level? Let’s get you registered. You have two options: Complete the registration form online or download it and send it to us. Directions are included in both.

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    PSPC Training Center Schedule

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    PSPC Technical Training Registration Form

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    P25 Master Technician Course Application

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    PSPC Technical Training Catalog

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    Technical Training for Critical Comms Flyer