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Two47 Base Station

Access tomorrow’s technology today with a base station that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, while giving you the flexibility to build the solution that’s right for you. Communicate across any network. Manage and update your system from anywhere. Compact units with customizable layouts will save you space, energy and money. With hardware that is rugged, resilient, and protected around the clock, you’ll never second-guess your connection.

Like all Two47 solutions, the Two47 Base Station is:

  • Open — Engineered for interoperability and access anywhere, any time
  • Adaptable — Designed to be configured to your needs and budget
  • Unstoppable — Fortified for unflinching reliability and security

Open standards for flexible, best-in-breed features:

  • Software-defined and cloud enabled for effortless, from-anywhere management and updates 
  • Upgradeable to evolve with your operation
  • Multiple points of redundancy for relentlessly reliable communication with dispatch
  • Universal standards and components (NIMs, ARM processors) provide a scalable platform to build on 
  • Compact, modular, customizable layout
  • Less power and space required
  • Built to the most stringent cybersecurity standards for added security


  • Two47 Base Station Datasheet

    Two47 Base Station Datasheet