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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems (UAV/UAS)

Product overview

L3Harris is a leader in providing hybrid (vertical-take-and-landing fixed-wing) UAS systems, Airborne based Surveillance and Detect and Avoid (DAA) Capabilities, Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) Ground Network Systems, and flight data services to facilitate unmanned military and commercial aircraft and vehicle integration into commercial global airspace.

We are actively working with multiple OEMs and government agencies spearheading key technologies that will integrate unmanned and manned aircraft into the commercial aerospace.

Key Features

Key Solutions include:

  • Integration with cooperative and non-cooperative surveillance sensors
  • Unmanned collision avoidance with ACAS Xu based DAA
  • Aircraft navigation hardware and software services 
  • Flight data recorders with advanced data harnessing and quick retrieval
  • Flight data analysis with flight efficiency and equipment diagnostics
  • Pilot training (in-cockpit and remote)


L3Harris leverages our vast technological experience to provide next-generation surveillance solutions for UAS by integrating TCAS, Terrain Awareness, Transponders, Distance Measuring Equipment and ADS-B into a single simplified OEM unit that provides unmeasured tactical performance and safety while reducing costs through a reduction in wiring, additional LRUs and multiple antennas. In some cases, we have reduced weight by as much as 80lbs and the newer design while increasing MTBF and reliability reducing the number of spares on-hand.

Detect and Avoid

Whether it is UAS, Helicopters, Urban Aircraft Mobility or even base stations - L3Harris is at the forefront collaborating with prominent industry leaders to launch new technologies that will advance unmanned aircraft travel well into the future.

By using ACAS Xu with non-cooperative sensors we have developed an advanced, integrated detect and avoid hardware and software solution that implements directional traffic antennas and sophisticated algorithms to evaluate collision and automatically execute effective maneuvers to avoid air and terrain collisions for unmanned aircraft. This technology is the cornerstone for safe and effective urban air mobility.


As an industry leader for cockpit voice and flight data recorders for nearly sixty years, L3Harris currently has lightweight and quick access recorders with crash-survivable memory and a history of 100% data recovery. To meet the demands of unmanned aircraft, our advanced development team are developing new recorders that are compact in size, but robust enough to store hundreds of hours of flight data and video.


The L3Harris currently provides the world’s lightest and smallest tactical airborne navigation system for commercial and military use, including unmanned systems. Weighing at 5.2 pounds. The TACAN+ is the only navigation solution available with the capability to track up to four ground stations simultaneously in range and two in bearing and a tracking velocity is up to 1800 knots. Used for both Air-to-Air and Air to Ground operations, the TACAN+ employs software-controlled antenna switching, dual antennas if needed.

Terrain Awareness & Warning

L3Harris provides terrain awareness and warning solutions building on a unique set of advanced terrain prediction and avoidance technology alerting for terrain and obstacles in the in and around the flight path. Our solutions provide warnings based on the unique performance capability of the aircraft including climb capability and a combination of active traffic in the same view as terrain. Additional capabilities includes avoiding terrain and engine-out details which encompass terrain, obstacles and airport databases. The most notable feature of the L3Harris TAWS systems is the ability to offer a higher level of safety by basing alerts on an aircraft’s actual ability to climb. This sophisticated modeling of aircraft climb capability provides the most complete picture for enhanced situational awareness for manned and unmanned aircraft.

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In the news


Press release | 09. 17. 2019

GA-ASI Selects ACSS’ Airborne Processor as part of Detect and Avoid System for Unmanned Aircraft


Part of GA-ASI’s Detect and Avoid System to fly RPA in civilian airspace

Enables real-time strategic maneuvers to reduce the likelihood of mid-air collisions

Exclusive five-year agreement to provide approximately 200 units



Press release | 09. 17. 2019

GA-ASI Selects ACSS’ Airborne Processor as part of Detect and Avoid System for Unmanned Aircraft


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