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L3Harris and Singapore - Partners in Defense, Commercial Industry and Technology Demands


L3Harris and Singapore - Partners in Defense, Commercial Industry and Technology Demands

L3Harris Technologies has partnered with the Republic of Singapore and local industry for more than 25 years to deliver world-class engineering, manufacturing, research and development to solve complex problems, support the Singapore Armed Forces and defend against evolving threats.

Christopher E. Kubasik expects to expand L3Harris' focus on partnering with international countries.

Press release

New L3Harris Technologies CEO Expanding Company’s Focus on International Partnerships

L3Harris Technologies’ new CEO Christopher E. Kubasik expects to expand the company’s focus on partnering with countries around the world to introduce new technologies and help increase economic prosperity and safety in the regions.

Christopher E. Kubasik becomes the second CEO in L3Harris Technologies' history as a combined company.

Press release

Christopher E. Kubasik Succeeds William M. Brown as CEO of L3Harris Technologies

Christopher "Chris" E. Kubasik today succeeded William M. Brown as Chief Executive Officer of L3Harris Technologies – becoming the second CEO in its history as a combined company.

In 2014, L3Harris established a corporate office in Singapore displaying our commitment to the country. We have demonstrated further support by hiring employees that are predominantly Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents. This is also our regional hub for expanding business throughout Southeast Asia.

L3Harris is proud to have played a role in equipping all branches of the Singapore Armed Forces and has partnered with leading Singapore firms to offer long-term support of our products and capabilities.

L3Harris’ capabilities are well suited to support Singapore’s needs. From autonomous surface vessels carrying anti-submarine warfare systems, maritime patrol aircraft and secure and resilient communications to complete solutions for onboard surface combatants and next generation robotic explosive ordnance disposal systems.

We look forward to continuing this relationship and are committed to the country for the long term.


  • Defense
  • Tactical Communications
  • Battlefield Networking
  • Avionics
  • Digital C4I
  • Night Vision
  • Public Safety and Professional Communications
  • Geospatial Solutions
  • Commercial Air Traffic Management
  • Tactical Air Traffic Management
  • Energy Solutions
  • Weather and Environmental Sensing

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L3Harris Singapore

Suite 229, No. 18 Capitol Piazza, Level 2

13 Stamford Road, Singapore 178905

  • Singapore

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