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Eweek 2024

Technology Trivia

Our technologies and advancements are not possible without the hard work of L3Harris engineers, technologists and scientists. Test your trivia knowledge on these key, future-forward capabilities.

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Engineer Spotlights

Portrait of Frédéric Ebacher,

Frédéric Ebacher, Project Engineering

“Engineering is the art and science of finding the best imperfect solution to a complex problem. Anything around us that is human-made takes roots from an engineering effort. In a nutshell, engineering shapes the world as we know it.”

Portrait of employee Grant Wong

Grant Wong, Systems Test Engineering

“Everybody celebrates the firemen of society, who puts out the big fires and saves lives from burning buildings. Engineering is the unsung hero, that prevents those fires from starting in the first place. The engineer designs their product to not catch on fire, they design the monitoring system to detect the fires, they design the systems to isolate and put out the fire.”

Portrait of Mandana Hakimi

Mandana Hakimi, Project Engineering

“I like the innovative solution aspect of engineering. I’m very fortunate to work with an amazing and talented team of engineers to come up with solutions to challenging, technical problems.”