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Maximizing Operational Availability in the Field with WESCAM Authorized Service Centers

Integrated Mission Systems
Jun 21, 2023 | 4 MINUTE Read

WESCAM MX-Series systems are designed and manufactured to the highest and strictest standards, undergoing rigorous stress testing for environmental contingencies such as temperature, dust, moisture, fog, salt, dirt, humidity and vibration. While our state-of-the-art laboratories prove each system to be mission-ready, even the most high-performing and rugged imaging systems can succumb to extreme conditions in the field. These circumstances call for rapid maintenance or repair, maximizing operational availability so operators can return to the field as soon as possible.

Our world-class WESCAM MX-Series Customer Care Ecosystem answers that call, starting with our WESCAM Authorized Service Centers (WASC). With a global install base of over 6,000 MX-Series systems deployed in over 80 countries, we can service any system at one of our 14 WASCs. Field Service Representatives are available for dispatch 24/7, ready to maintain, repair and upgrade each unit to meet critical operational and mission needs. Our comprehensive repair network is specifically designed to increase the availability of each unit for the next mission, minimize repair turnaround time and reduce the total cost of ownership. Furthermore, customers can rely on dedicated service and support around the clock, both remotely and onsite with fast response time regardless of time zone. Onsite support is also prioritized in order to keep a turret in its operational location. 

The Local Difference
L3Harris has invested heavily in its customer care ecosystem and the backbone of that support structure is our growing establishment of localized WASCs. We design and integrate each WASC into existing local mission centers, fully equipped with up-to-date diagnostic and repair tools and staffed by WESCAM MX-Series experts who can provide support through each stage of the product’s life cycle. Each localized WASC effectively reduces the need for lengthy and expensive offshore support services by keeping equipment as close to the mission field as possible.

Direct access to regional maintenance capabilities, locally-trained technicians and onsite service enables L3Harris to offer regionalized aftermarket training and services at various levels of support. Basic-level service options enable local WASCs to perform 70-to-75 percent of all repairs onsite, in addition to technical training and technical support via phone or email. Our advanced-level service options increase local capabilities to perform 95 percent of all onsite repairs.

Field Service Representatives – Rapidly Deployable Expert Technicians
Our teams of trusted FSRs are available for dispatch 24/7, 365 days a year. Depending on customer requirements, they can deploy from any WASC location in as little as 12 hours. FSRs are always available for onsite repairs, backed by a more extensive global customer care team comprised of engineers, technicians and service & logistics specialists ready to deliver world-class care and attention. 

L3Harris’ robust customer-care ecosystem is cited as an essential resource in delivering convenient aftermarket service and support to regional customers. Internationally recognized cost-competitive repair, overhaul and upgrade capabilities explicitly designed for WESCAM MX-Series systems are the differentiator for many L3Harris customers. 

Strategic Locations
L3Harris prides itself on technology solutions that answer the call of customers around the world who need the highest-quality imaging solutions that can withstand unrelenting environments and mission demands. If repairs are required, the L3Harris global ecosystem is designed to respond rapidly and return equipment to the field at full operational capacity. Each of our WASCs is strategically located across six continents to maximize the effectiveness of our turnaround time and support a globally diverse customer base that continues to expand. Our locations include Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan, Korea and Australia.

Global Repair Center Locations

L3Harris’ comprehensive customer care network increases the operational availability of WESCAM MX-Series systems, reduces repair turn-around times, lowers total cost of ownership and minimizes administrative delays.

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North America

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Recent Global Expansions

In 2023, L3Harris announced the addition of a WESCAM Authorized Service Centre in Italy, providing localized service capability for its WESCAM MX-Series EO/IR systems. L3Harris has fielded over 100 WESCAM MX-Series EO/IR systems in Italy, demonstrating its commitment to a growing Italian customer base and its support of advanced equipment and platform manufacturers. The new WASC addresses all fielded WESCAM MX-Series products and opens the opportunity for customers to expand their system capabilities based on future mission needs. The WASC also provides significant economic benefits to local Italian industry and increases Italy’s airborne, ground and maritime capabilities worldwide.

In 2022, L3Harris signed an agreement with Merlinhawk Aerospace, India’s certified aerospace and defence design and manufacturing company, to open a WESCAM Authorized Service Centre. The two companies will localize service capabilities under the new WASC through the transfer of knowledge, specialized tooling and technical publications in support of the advanced repair facility. Learn more about L3Harris, India.

In 2021, the UAE’s leading advanced technology group, EDGE, announced an agreement between EARTH, an entity within EDGE group, and L3Harris to open a WASC in the UAE. The strategic agreement localizes WESCAM MX-Series service capabilities, including knowledge sharing that will support an expansion of a current depot-level service capability into an advanced assembly facility and bolster UAE capabilities in the field. The new 42,000-square-foot service facility – the largest in the region – is equipped with the latest required tools and localized maintenance capabilities. Learn more about L3Harris, UAE.

South Korea 
In 2019, L3Harris and Korea Elecom Co., Ltd. (KEC) announced the opening of a new WESCAM Authorized Service Center in Yongin, South Korea. The WASC provides customers in South Korea and the surrounding region advanced in-country maintenance and repair capabilities of WESCAM MX-Series EO/IR systems, as well as associated peripherals, used in support of airborne, land and maritime domains. The facility is equipped with a thermal chamber, laser test room, collimator for optical alignment, and all the equipment necessary to ensure repairs can be performed in-country. Learn more about L3Harris, South Korea.

Discover more about how our WASCs, FSRs and our growing customer care ecosystem, including warranty and service plans, can help you maximize local mission success here. 


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    WESCAM MX™-Series Customer Care Brochure

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    WESCAM MX™-Series Authorized Service Centers

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