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Two47™: The Dawn of a New Era in Critical Communications

The communications systems and networks that connect emergency personnel are vital to communities’ ways of life, and are designed to account for all of their operational needs.

Public safety organizations in the 21st century require and demand solutions that are accessible anywhere at any time, configurable to unique needs and fortified for unflinching reliability and security. Designed for continuous improvement and support, L3Harris Technologies’ Two47™ portfolio provides customers with the flexibility to build a system that is right for them.

Two47 Device Management app in monitor with radios and cloud icon

The Two47 portfolio is engineered to provide next-generation communications and easily adapts to fit customers’ evolving needs, offering seamless interoperability and unparalleled reliability and security.

“This is just the beginning – our Two47 portfolio is the promise of innovation and technology we will bring in the mission-critical communications industry,” said Nino DiCosmo, L3Harris president of Public Safety and Professional Communications. “Two47 is not just a single product, it is the foundation we will use to build upon for the future.”


L3Harris’ Two47 philosophy centers around the idea of being open, adaptable and unstoppable. Providing interoperable solutions suited to face any mission, the Two47 portfolio is designed to be configurable to customers’ unique budgets and needs.

Open: Two47 provides open systems engineered for interoperability and combats the “walled garden” of locked-in proprietary technology, giving customers the flexibility and real choice to access their network anywhere at any time.

Adaptable: Building on the Project 25 standards (P25) enables interoperability among users and easy migration from older systems. The portfolio converges P25 Land Mobile Radio and push-to-talk over cellular, enabling users to take advantage of the best of LMR and LTE.

Further, when upgrading to a new system, customers have a choice in leveraging solution partners that have been tested and proven to work in alignment through the Mission Critical Alliance (MCA), providing best-of-breed technology for their network modernization needs.

Unstoppable: An established Two47 P25 Radio Frequency site is the only solution in the market that delivers a high-availability systems with four levels of resiliency and multiple layers of redundancy for the control point.

We strongly believe that designing open systems provides our customers options from best-of-breed solutions to meet their specific needs. We are putting together an ecosystem of industry-leading partners to deliver interoperable solutions centered around open standards.
Jeremy Elder
L3Harris Director of Product Management


Two47 Base Station

L3Harris introduced the first Two47 offering, the Two47 Base Station, in 2022. This energy-efficient, P25 standards-compliant station supports all critical-communications needs.

“We are beginning to introduce and deploy our inaugural product, the Two47 Base Station, providing our customers with the next-level technology they need in order to secure not only current but future mission-critical communications networks,” said Todd Perdieu, L3Harris vice president of Strategy and Product. “This is only just the beginning as we build a solution that is right for you, listening and improving along the way.”

The Two47 Base Station is the most compact high-power P25 base station in the industry today. It is the only design that supports up to 10 channels in a single standard rack including all ancillary site equipment.

Designed for redundancy and interoperability, the Base Station uses an Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) processor, providing a powerful platform off which to build, while enhancing secure communications networks.

In less than a year since introducing the Two47 Base Station, L3Harris has performed a successful live test of more than 200 Base Stations for future installation.

Continuous System Monitoring

Two47™ Critical Communications: dispatcher using dispatch console

The Two47 Enterprise Network Manager provides continuous system-health monitoring and detects issues before interruptions arise. ENM allows customers to see their system in new ways no matter how it has been built or where they are.

“Our customers need to be in control of their communications from wherever they are,” said Elder. “The need for around-the-clock availability led to our creation of the Two47 Enterprise Network Manager, tracking what matters most, no matter what is connected.”

ENM allows dispatchers to manage their entire LMR system – including Two47 stations and other commercial-off-the-shelf technologies – on a single pane of glass.

Expanding Reach

L3Harris currently provides Two47 solutions for communities within Massachusetts, Mississippi and Wisconsin, as well as federal agencies. As the company looks to the future, it continues to bring an expanding line of Two47 products to state, local, federal, tribal, utility and transportation customers to meet their evolving needs.

“Our customers are searching for a system that is expanding and moving toward the future,” said DiCosmo. “They are looking to us for a coming-of-age solution to provide the support they desperately depend on. That solution is the Two47.”

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