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Battlefield Awareness and Targeting System (BATS) Vehicular Amplifier (BVA)

Battlefield Awareness and Targeting System (BATS) Vehicular Amplifier (BVA)

Designed to pair with Link 16 Cryptographic Products, such as the BATS-D AN/PRC-161 Handheld Link 16 Radio, the BVA delivers:

  • Greater range, 200+ nautical miles
  • Increased situational awareness
  • Flexibility for fixed and mobile applications
  • Easy integration

Provide Seamless Connectivity for Dismounted Forces

With BVA installed in manned or unmanned platforms, warfighters with a dismounted Link 16 Cryptographic Product can connect to the BVA in a vehicle, to enable higher transmit power and longer range. In addition, warfighters can maintain Link 16 functionality from the Link 16 Cryptographic Product when the BVA is removed from the vehicle.

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Operate at the tactical edge

The rugged design and the low size, weight and power of the BVA makes it a perfect addition to small platforms supporting the dismounted warfighter’s operation. The BATS-D can be easily separated from the BVA, while still maintaining a Link 16 connection – creating a “grab & go” capability for warfighters.
If the vehicle or the BVA gets left behind, warfighters don’t need to worry about a compromised asset. BVA does not require any keying; therefore, it is not a COMSEC Controlled Item (CCI) that requires special storage. 


  • BVA (BATS Vehicular Amplifier) Sell Sheet

    BVA (BATS Vehicular Amplifier) Sell Sheet

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