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MIDS-LVT Terminals

MIDS-LVT Terminals

Leading the Transformation of Link 16 Terminal Technology

For more than 20 years, the L3Harris Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems (MIDS) have formed the backbone of the Link 16 network across the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and International Coalition. The MIDS-LVT(1) is intended to support theater-level air-to-air fighter exchanges, while the MIDS-LVT(2)/(11) is designed for use in ground stations.

fighter pilot in cockpit

Anticipating the Future Requirements of Warfighters

Through use of reprogrammable components and a modular architecture, L3Harris provides a lower cost design while also allowing for flexibility of future requirements. Our terminals enable all operational modes of the Link 16 waveform, and implement the required MIDS host interfaces for both U.S. and coalition integration.

L3Harris terminals implement the latest technology enhancements including Crypto Modernization, Link 16 Enhanced Throughput (LET), Concurrent Contention Receive (CCR) and Concurrent Multi Net 4


  • MIDS-LVT(1) Link 16 Terminal Sell Sheet

    MIDS-LVT(1) Link 16 Terminal Sell Sheet

  • MIDS-LVT(2) Ground Terminal Sell Sheet

    MIDS-LVT(2)/(11)/(12) Ground Terminal Sell Sheet

  • MIDS-LVT(1) Air and Maritime Terminal Sell Sheet

    MIDS-LVT(1) Ruggedized Mobile System Sell Sheet

aircraft carrier at sea

Combat-proven Link 16 MIDS Terminals

Together with Hensoldt, L3Harris is delivering a family of combat-proven, fully qualified, and EMC-Certified Link 16 MIDS terminals to U.S. Forces and coalition partners under contracts to the Navy MIDS International Program Office (IPO) and other commercial customers. 

Link 16 MIDS terminals are fielded on a range of military stations and aircraft, including:

  • MIDS-LVT(1) — fielded on F-16, F/18-E/F, U-2, MH-60, UCAV, C-130, F/A-50, P-3, B-2 and shipboard
  • MIDS-LVT(2) ‑— fielded on Patriot Air Defense System, FAADC2, SLAMRAAM, ADSI, JRE, F/A-18 E/F and shipboard
B2 bomber in flight

Modernizing Link 16 MIDS-LVT Terminals

With Block Upgrade 2 (BU2), L3Harris implements advanced Link 16 functions of Enhanced Throughput (ET), Cryptographic Modernization Initiative (CMI), and Frequency Remapping (FR). BU2 capabilities ensure that MIDS-LVT terminals remain interoperable with platforms that utilize other modernized Link 16 terminals and radios, such as the MIDS JTRS, STT, and BATS-D AN/PRC-161, which are enabling new concepts of operation throughout the U.S. DoD and International Coalition.

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