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Next-Generation Electronic Warfare


CORVUS enables commanders to stay one step ahead no matter the mission, but how does it work?

Based on an open standards approach, CORVUS enables rapid development and deployment of next-generation CEMA capabilities at scale and at pace. Upon its architecture, L3Harris offers a range of hardware solutions as well as mission-configurable software applications.

The open and extensible design of the foundational architecture means that CORVUS hardware can incorporate compatible off-the-shelf parts and be decoupled from the software to run third-party CEMA applications, eradicating vendor lock-in and reducing through-life cost.



Future solutions require agility and openness by design in order to keep pace with emerging technologies and threats. Those hindered by stovepiped hardware or lengthy procurement procedures may fall behind. 

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Many software applications can be built upon the CORVUS Open Standards architectural framework to deliver the right capabilities to the right mission. We can categorise these into three mission sets:



Delivering success throughout the full mission life-cycle

Staying one step ahead is not just about holding all the information, it's also about how it's used. Our CORVUS Mission Support tools generate and analyse mission data to improve operational effectiveness every time. The CORVUS Mission Support Suite helps to shape:

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