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Express Readout

Solution Overview

As an industry leader in universal, manufacturer-agnostic readout services for FDRs, L3Harris is a one-stop shop also offering compliance reports for CVRs and DLRs. L3Harris data analytics solutions empower customers to take immediate safety, operational and training actions informed by their own thoroughly analyzed and verified data. We are uniquely positioned to offer the Express Readout option of advanced parameter trace diagnostics.

L3Harris readouts bring unique advantages to:

  • Airlines
  • Business aviation
  • Air cargo
  • MROs
  • FBOs
  • Helicopters
  • Military organizations

Express Readout users simply download the data from their recorders, then upload the files to the secure online platform, eliminating the need to send the recorder off-site for verification. The system automatically verifies functionality, with the option to generate the necessary compliance documentation for civil aviation authorities. 

Data security is at the heart of everything we do. We leverage our expertise as a leading defense contractor in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), secure communications and government services and apply it to our flight data analytics.

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Operator Benefits

Fast Turnaround

Using a patented auto-validation technique, Express Readout is the most rapid solution for providing readout and intelligibility reports, which are available in 3-6 business days from the readout request time and dependent on the service request. Reports can then be downloaded in various formats, including .csv files for further analysis. Additionally, users can re-test data within 30 days at no additional charge, to confirm the repair of faulty signals only.


Easy to Use

The L3Harris customizable, intuitive web-based portal allows the operator to upload the data and exchange the necessary decoded data quickly and electronically with minimal training. All data is secure and proprietary to the airline so that only the operator can read the data link decode messages which were previously aligned to their defined parameters provided to the flight data analysis team when the account was activated. As part of the Express Readout service, L3Harris includes Level 2 intelligibility analysis for all CVR readouts.


Access to Multiple Flights Simultaneously

Interactive charts allow users to inspect the parameters in detail and assess up to 50 flight hours of data, across multiple flights, within the same readout. The results are stored indefinitely on the secure platform, exceeding FAA and EASA regulatory requirements.


Deep Dive of Data Visualization

For every CVR readout we output the spectrogram and waveform which gives an illustration from just a glance of the content and duration of the four channels. Clicking on any parameter in the FDR readout will bring up the graphical module that allows the user to inspect the plot of that parameter, overlay other parameters, highlight flight phases, display test results, save comments and change its overall state. 


Patented Technology

L3Harris holds multiple patents for the advanced techniques used for detecting unserviceable parameters in a FDR readout as well as patented algorithms also identify unusual parameter patterns and highlight these to the user for inspection.


Regulatory Compliance

The platform is compliant with ICAO, EASA, and FAA regulatory frameworks for FDR readouts and with the EASA framework requirements on raw data retention policy for CVR intelligibility readouts. It supports a wide range of recorders used on air transport, regional and business aviation aircraft, as well as helicopter platforms.

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Readout Service Levels and Compatibility

Professional ServiceProfessional Service +
Only mandatory parameters analyzed for validity Up to 50 flight hours assessed
Compliance statements for ICAO, EASA and FAAAnalyzes all parameters and exports for all parameters
Raw data provided through L3Harris POLARIS web platformAccess to all of the parameter traces through POLARIS web platform
Only mandatory parameters provided in engineering values in .csv formatPlots for all parameters
Access to mandatory parameter traces on the POLARIS web portalAll parameters provided in engineering values in .csv format
One full recorded flight onlyPermits accurate maintenance investigation on the root cause of a parameter becoming unserviceable


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Professional ServiceProfessional Service +
Raw data converted to lossy format (MP3) and available on the web portalConverted data available in a lossless format (.wav) up to 15GB
Recorded data assessed for the correct nominal duration following EASA, ICAO and FAA stipulationsRaw data up to 3GB for further investigation or analysis
Readout is performed per IAW EASA requirement, which analyzes a sample of one flight recording onlyReadout performed per the IAW BEA guidance and exceeds EASA requirements, identifying and analyzing every sound source for the four channels
Basic intelligibility report aligned to EFRPG guidelines Complete report with every source listed and rated accordingly
Compliance statement referencing EASA, ICAO or FAA regulationsCompliance statements for EASA, FAA and ICAO, plus the BEA guidance standard


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Professional ServiceProfessional Service +
Includes conversion to text format for all identified messagesIncludes correlation check betweek the DLR and external sources with CVR, FDR or traffic log
Includes duration assessment per applicable standardsIncludes multi-source cross-verification with the CVR and customer-provided traffic log
 Includes the IAW compliance statement for EASA, ICAO and the FAA


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Other OEMsYesNoNo

*We can perform CVR reports on certain Honeywell recorders, please contact us to confirm


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Please reach out to the team for a product factsheet, demo, specific compliance requirements and compatibility or for any more information by completing the form below.

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Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVR) and Flight Data Recorders (FDR)

Flight recorders give the ability to monitor situations on an aircraft and understand what is happening in flight. The Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) is a type of flight recorder and another is the Flight Data Recorder (FDR).

Cockpit Voice Recorders record the audio environment on board via the microphones of the pilots' headsets and can be used to investigate accidents or other incidents that have occurred on board. 

Flight Data Recorders are used to capture certain aircraft performance parameters measured by aircraft sensors. This information is transmitted to an accident-proof medium. 

L3Harris offer a streamlined process for providing operators data link embedded message decoding. This enables operators to follow the EASA framework to validate the devices are capturing the reordering properly. The L3Harris CVR intelligibility readout report follows “Guidance on CVR recording Inspection” produced by the Flight Recorder Partnership Group (EFRPG) and was published by the Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses (BEA) in 2018.

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