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Flight Data Connect

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The L3Harris flight data analysis tool enables effective decision-making, more personalized crew training and timely support for maintenance teams. As an International Air Transport Association (IATA) partner, our platform is the catalyst for setting global standards in aviation safety, efficiency and evidence-based training, capturing over 7,600 flights daily, and growing.

  • Fully-automated data transfer system, eliminating the need for manual manipulation of raw data
  • Easy to use with automatic aircraft identification
  • View data within one hour of upload, allowing potential maintenance issues to be checked quickly
  • Benchmarking feature, for operators to compare their operations against others
  • Integrated advanced visualization tools incorporating sophisticated interactive graphs, cockpit displays and Google maps to view flights, airports, flight paths and event clusters
  • Built-in airport database, detailing international airports, runways and glideslopes
  • Take-off and landing METAR weather reports from the NOAA database
  • Robust interactive statistics allowing customers to drill down in to their trends
  • Export data to drive engine trend and aircraft performance monitoring systems leveraging data science expertize for deeper analysis
  • Unlimited number of users with comprehensive user access and permissions model
  • Guest access and pilot login function and triggered pilot email alerts


Why is flight data monitoring important?

With the aid of flight data monitoring, airlines can identify, assess and eliminate operational risks. This can be used to facilitate a range of aviation airworthiness and operational safety tasks, as well as making processes more efficient. 

Furthermore, Flight Data Monitoring enables the reduction of flight accidents, a more efficient management of fuel consumption, less unnecessary maintenance procedures and repairs and all in all a very suitable and helpful tool for early detection and prevention of hazards. 

Flight Data Connect

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What are the benefits of Flight Data Connect?

Our innovative, user-friendly, web-based platform is the most advanced of its kind. Secure yet accessible anytime, anywhere, its fully-automated data transfer enables the fastest processing and information delivery on the market.

Utilizing Flight Data Connect delivers a number of other benefits to your operation. These include the fact that it is a cost-effective and efficient way of identifying urgent maintenance issues as well as eliminating the need for internal flight data analysis expertize and processing software. Further benefits of Flight Data Connect Services include ensuring that your organization meets the safety policy requirements of reputable flight authorities. These include IATA and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The speed enables great scalability, paving the way for billions of flights to be housed on the system.

Advanced analytics supports actionable insights from large data sets 

Making sense of vast, disparate amounts of data is a core function of our advanced flight data analysis tool. Accurate information is generated, using statistical modelling and machine learning, in formats that can be visualized and understood easily. This allows decisions to be made quickly, based on data. Operators can confidently assess equipment performance, identify safety risks or inefficiencies and implement preventative maintenance to reduce operational delays and increase safety and efficiency.

Automated inspection alerts appear within one hour of download and any significant events will validated by an analyst within one working day.


Ability to fuse multiple data sources

The state-of-the-art software fuses together information from either the Flight Data Recorder or the Quick Access Recorder (QAR) via the Data Transfer Unit (DTU), with other data such as the take-off or landing airport, flight operations, routing, weather etc.

The use of multiple data sources enables solutions to be accurate and comprehensive. Easy-to-understand data visualizations infuse clarity and context through charts, interactive graphs, flight playbacks and cockpit displays.

Informed decisions are made through integrated data science services across our aviation portfolio including evidence-based training and avionics equipment, providing operators and manufacturers insights across their operations.


Unique benchmark capabilities

With over 16 million flights in the database, a knowledge pool of historical data provides a platform for the only global safety benchmarking service in the world.

Created around this information universe, de-identified comparative statistics show performance in relation to other operators or internally between fleets. It provides senior management with invaluable information on safety-specific issues and significantly aids the decision-making process.

Flight Data Connect is one of the industry’s leading flight data analysis systems with advanced data sharing features. It powers both Flight Data Connect and the IATA Flight Data eXchange (FDX) program. Using Flight Data eXchange , critical areas of concern for aviation safety can be pointed out, enabling airlines to pinpoint safety issues in commercial air traffic for standard aviation risk areas. Through connecting to this powerful data sharing network you can benefit from benchmarking and advanced statistics and trends.


Flight Data Connect Events Report


What aircraft types can be included in Flight Data Connect?

All aircraft types are compatible with the Flight Data Connect. As long as the aircraft models have the correct Quick Access Recorders (QAR) or alternatively downloadable Flight Data Recorders, they can be included in Flight Data Connect. 


Flight Data Connect Key Point Value Report


What stands L3Harris apart?

  • Customer support is our priority - we have dedicated safety centers across the world where technical support is available 24/7
  • Fully online platform means that you never need to download patches to upgrade to newer versions - it’s all done by us from our central location
  • We use an agile development methodology; we are committed to continuously improving our platform with updates which are completed every six weeks 
  • Provide feedback as a member of the Flight Data Connect community and derive benefits from upgrades - help to guide system developments
  • We offer a scalable solution for operators, reducing the need to predict scale of demand and investment up front - level of service can be updated as required

Flight Safety Officer

Expand your flight safety team, use ours! The flight safety officer role is an extension to the FDM service where our expert analysis and investigation enables operators to release pilots from the office allowing the safety team to focus on safety.


Just add data, L3Harris does the rest:

  • All Level 3 events investigated and closed
  • Event investigation and reporting
  • Event entry to safety database
  • Report generation
  • Data analyzed and presented to Safety Action Group
  • Attend safety meetings to present data
  • Out of hours support
  • Operational issue investigation & reporting
  • Regular analysis review
Flight Data that improves safety

Data Transfer

Our flight data analysis package incorporates a Data Transfer Unit (DTU) to quickly and easily upload data. A DTU will use an automatic data download process, eliminating human error when sending data.

The DTU is provided on a lease basis so that L3Harris takes full responsibility for the operation of the unit. Alternatively, a software only option is available.

Laptop with post it notes

The lease will include:

• Supply of DTU including all software
• Supply of procedure manual
• Software maintenance and support
• Hardware maintenance by dispatch of a replacement unit within 24 hours


We offer the following design, modification and installation services for flight data recording systems:

  • EASA Approved installation design
  • Installation kit manufacture


From left to right: Gavin Ng (General Manager of FDS Asia), Shane Lawrey (Head of Flying Operations), Clayton Nankivell (Deputy Head of Flying Ops), Rob Alexandra (Aviation Safety Manager)

Editorial | 11. 12. 2020

Flight Data Monitoring in the Outback

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) is a valued customer of L3Harris’ Flight Data Monitoring (FDM). Shane Lawrey, Head of Flying Operations at the RFDS, shares how FDM has enhanced their operation.

From left to right: Gavin Ng (General Manager of FDS Asia), Shane Lawrey (Head of Flying Operations), Clayton Nankivell (Deputy Head of Flying Ops), Rob Alexandra (Aviation Safety Manager)

Editorial | 11. 12. 2020

Flight Data Monitoring in the Outback



Flight Scoring



Flight Scoring Part Two


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