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Flight Data Analytics Services for Helicopters


Data analytics services offer multiple benefits to military and commercial operators including: 

  • Speed and accuracy of data analytics and report generation
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safety management and monitoring through addressing operational risks
  • Data Visualisation, including for accident investigations
  • Readout Services for flight data recorders, cockpit voice recorders and data link verification

L3Harris draws on a rich heritage of working with global defense and government organizations and understand the importance of interpreting data to produce actionable insights to improve maintenance diagnostics, safety, compliance and reduce operational costs.

Flight Data Connect

HFDM/HFOQA enables the identification of major hazards and risks to helicopter operations. Using the web-based system, Flight Data Connect (FDC), operators identify areas of concern, intervene with remedial measures and reduce event occurrence rates. It can also enhance operational, maintenance and engineering procedures, as well as overall aviation safety providing objective data that would not otherwise be available. In-depth analysis is also available, particularly if there is an incident requiring special attention.

3D Visualization

FDC provides comprehensive 3D-modelling. This advanced visualization uses a suite of sophisticated interactive graphs, cockpit displays, 2D/3D maps of flight paths, and event clusters to enable customers to perform detailed trend analysis highlighting real and potential safety issues.

Onshore versus Offshore Terrain Recognition

FDC automatically differentiates between onshore and offshore operations using geographic databases showing when an aircraft is over a body of water; different events and thresholds can then be applied for those styles of operation aligned with individual SOPs.

Ease of Access

FDC is available 24/7 on any internet connected device making it accessible to all relevant workers including those deployed to remote out-stations.

This self-service approach allows faster maintenance diagnostics meaning the helicopter spends more time in the air. This negates the need to send data to a central system with manual intervention delaying diagnosis, resulting in more time in the hangar.

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Benefits of Flight Data Connect

Helicopter Readout Services

L3Harris’ Express Readout offers several options for flight data and cockpit voice recorders, in addition to data link verification. Readout services range from basic compliance reporting to advanced maintenance diagnostics allowing you to view parameter traces for redundancies and reduce erroneous unserviceability. Access is through a convenient secure online portal with data being uploaded and validations completed quickly and efficiently to verify functionality.

Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) Services

Why Express Readout?

Express Readout integrates into your existing maintenance systems seamlessly, yet using it fully can minimise AOG, prevent unplanned maintenance, reduce operational costs, and improve fleet commonality.


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