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KOR-24A Small Tactical Terminal (STT)

The ruggedized Small Tactical Terminal meets demanding environmental requirements, and gives warfighters on the tactical edge the ability to switch networks and waveforms on-the-move for real-time battle intelligence.

Optimized SWaP for Superior Air-to-Ground Tactical Networks

The STT provides dual-channel capabilities in the same SWaP as a traditional single-channel airborne radio. It leverages wideband and narrowband interoperability to deliver high-speed networked voice, data and Full Motion Video (FMV). The KOR-24A is easily adapted for use with traditional network systems and edge devices, providing secure, reliable target data for air-to-air and air-to-ground joint support missions.

Key Benefits

  • Certified to protect information classified Secret and Below
  • Wideband communications on-the-move using ANW2®C and SRW waveforms
  • Supports Beyond-Line-Of-Sight communications for both wideband and legacy waveforms such as SINCGARS, HAVEQUICK II, VHF/UHF AM and FM
  • Identification feature enhances warfighter safety and real-time troop location


  • KOR-24A Small Tactical Terminal (STT) Datasheet
    KOR-24A Small Tactical Terminal (STT) Datasheet
  • Airborne Radio Accessories for HAMR, SSDL and STT - Brochure
    Airborne Radio Accessories for HAMR, SSDL and STT - Brochure