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Low-Frequency Active Towed Sonar

Product Specifications

  • Compact size - LFATS is a small, lightweight, air-transportable, ruggedized system
  • Specifically designed for easy installation on small vessels.
  • Configurable - LFATS can operate in a stand-alone configuration or be easily integrated into the ship’s combat system.
  • Tactical bistatic and multistatic capability - a robust infrastructure permits interoperability with the HELRAS helicopter dipping sonar and all key sonobuoys.
  • Highly maneuverable - own-ship noise reduction processing algorithms, coupled with compact twin-line receivers, enable short-scope towing for efficient maneuvering, fast deployment and unencumbered operation in shallow water.
  • Compact Winch and Handling System - an ultrastable structure assures safe, reliable operation in heavy seas and permits manual or console-controlled deployment, retrieval and depth-keeping. > Full 360° coverage - a dual parallel array configuration and advanced signal processing achieve instantaneous, unambiguous left/right target discrimination.
  • Space-saving transmitter tow-body configuration - innovative technology achieves omnidirectional, large aperture acoustic performance in a compact, sleek tow-body assembly.
  • Reverberation suppression - the unique transmitter design enables forward, aft, port and starboard directional transmission. This capability diverts energy concentration away from shorelines and landmasses, minimizing reverb and optimizing target detection.
  • Sonar performance prediction - a key ingredient to mission planning, LFATS computes and displays system detection capability based on modeled or measured environmental data.
  • Active processing — state-of-the-art signal processing offers a comprehensive range of single- and multi-pulse, FM and CW processing for detection and tracking.
  • Passive processing — 100-to-2,000 Hz continuous wideband coverage. Broadband, DEMON and narrowband analyzers, torpedo alert and extended tracking functions constitute a suite of passive tools to track and analyze targets.
  • Playback mode — playback is seamlessly integrated into passive and active operation, enabling post analysis of pre-recorded mission data, and is a key component to operator training.
  • Built-in test — power-up, continuous background and operator-initiated test modes combine to boost system availability and accelerate operations.
  • State-of-the-art workstation-based operator machine interface — trackball, point-and-click control, pull-down menu function and parameter selection allows easy access to key information.
  • Displays — a strategic balance of multifunction displays, built on a modern OpenGL framework, offer flexible search, classification and geographic formats. Ground-stabilized, high-resolution color monitors capture details in the real-time processed sonar data.
  • Built-in operator aids — to simplify operation, LFATS provides recommended mode/parameter settings, automated range-of-day estimation and data history recall.


  • L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021

    L3Harris Ship Reference Guide

  • LFATS VDS Data Sheet

    LFATS VDS Data Sheet

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Australia Awards Group Photo

Trade Release | 09. 20. 2023

Australia Awards L3Harris AUD$328 Million Maritime Underwater Tracking Range Contract

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