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Helicopter Long-Range Active Sonar


  • Highest-performance dipping sonar in the world — demonstrated against both diesel-electric and nuclear submarines, the HELRAS outperforms in diverse geographic and acoustic environments, and in both active and passive operations.
  • Demonstrated performance advantage over medium-frequency (2 kHz and higher) dipping sonar systems — by operating at a nominal frequency of 1.38 kHz, the HELRAS consistently achieves long- range detections and target tracking in both littoral and open ocean environments.
  • Lightweight system produces high source levels, narrow vertical transmit beams and high array gain, performing at least 14 dB higher than that of medium frequency dipping sonar systems.
  • Patented, compact, powerful acoustic transducers and expandable transmitting and receiving arrays produce a lightweight system that exploits the advantages associated with using truly low acoustic frequencies.
  • High-resolution Doppler processing — long-shaped CW pulses (up to 10 seconds) and wide-bandwidth FM pulses (up to 5 seconds) are available to detect near-zero Doppler low strength targets.
  • Interoperable with all key sonobuoys and modern low-frequency towed variable depth sonars.
  • Yields savings in operating costs — long-range detection and large area search rates reduce total operating hours.


  • L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021
    L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021
  • HELRAS Data Sheet
    HELRAS Data Sheet

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