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Orion – Variable Depth Sonar System


  • Orion has been optimized for operation in challenging shallow-water environments to detect and track submarines with low target strengths.
  • Orion is a compact, lightweight sonar with a small deck footprint; it’s easy to install and cross-deck onto almost all small boats, manned or unmanned.
  • Orion primarily uses COTS components, resulting in a low-cost, easy-to-maintain sonar system.
  • The system uses two parallel short receive arrays for instantaneous ambiguity resolution of the active signals and passive detections. This provides the signal discrimination performance of a much larger array in a compact, maneuverable package.
  • Orion’s processing and display units use the latest open-architecture technology, making manned, remote control, or automated operations efficient and effective.
  • Modern processing and display capabilities allow easy operation with minimal training.
  • Affordable initial cost and low-cost operation ensure a cost-effective solution for years to come.


  • L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021
    L3Harris Ship Reference Guide 2021
  • Orion VDS Data Sheet
    Orion VDS Data Sheet

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