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Missile / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Safety System

Product Specifications

The CR-128 is the next-generation missile and unmanned aerial system command receiver specifically designed for the enhanced flight termination system (EFTS). Light weight, low power, small volume and configurable digital processing with embedded communications security data encryption standard (triple DES) make the receiver ideal for numerous data link applications. L3Harris is also the provider of the compatible EFTS ground support equipment: the encoder, monitor and triple DES unit. The digital demodulator uses advanced digital signal processing techniques implemented in a field-programmable gate array to perform carrier acquisition/tracking and data recovery. Frame synchronization, Reed-Solomon decoding and triple DES decryption are embedded in the decoder. The standard CR-128 contains a message command processor that is compliant to the EFTS message format.

The unit is addressable for simultaneous missions. An embedded triple DES decryption-controlled cryptographic item prevents inadvertent termination and has both serial and discrete telemetry outputs. Reconfigurability makes for easy sparing; spare receivers are not required for each configuration. Reed-Solomon decoding provides error correction and protection against burst errors, including an enhanced position location reporting system. As a drop-in replacement for legacy receivers, the user output allows for vehicle-control functions simultaneous with command functions.


The CR-128 is designed, built, assembled and tested all within one facility and is serviced and supported by engineering professionals with decades of spaceflight design experience. Every CR-128 delivered is accompanied by domain expertise in parts, materials, radiation analysis, mechanical engineering, power supply design, digital signal processing, radio frequency design and manufacturing engineering. For most applications existing data items can be provided for review, reducing the analysis and testing required.


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