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Night Fighting Equipment Support

Service Information

Night Fighting Equipment Support - Land 53 Phase 1BR

L3Harris works with the Australian Armaments Systems Program Office to equip and sustain the entire Australian land force with the best night fighting equipment in the world including helmet-mounted night vision goggles, and laser aiming devices and range finders that attach to specified Australian Defence Force (ADF) weapons for dismounted combatants, including regular infantry, Special Forces and selected elements of the Navy and Air Force. The high-performance, lightweight L3Harris products provide the warfighter with increased lethality, mobility and situational awareness.

The systems include:

  • Binocular Night Vision Devices (BNVD) - L3Harris AN/PVS31A 
  • Laser Aiming and Illumination Devices (LAID) - L3Harris AN/PEQ-16B LED / MIPIM 
  • Laser Aiming, Illumination and Ranging Devices (LAIRD) - L3Harris SRF 
  • BNVD Helmet Mounts - Wilcox L4 G24 

From our Brisbane support facility, we monitor the night fighting equipment fleet, replenish consumables and to conduct repairs using the Australian Department of Defence inventory management system, MILIS, to manage the fleet running over the Defence Restricted Network (DRN). Equipment requiring repairs or with suspected faults is collected from Defence units, evaluated, repaired and returned into service. We provide direct support to the first and second line ADF brigades and end users, providing full service operation with minimal overhead and process controls to allow for rapid turnarounds and supplies.

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