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Vigilis® Maritime Domain Awareness

Product Specification

Vigilis is an efficient Command and Control (C2) system for complete maritime domain awareness from harbours to coastlines, providing the operator with a common view of all threats within a specified area.

Vigilis monitors the movement of vessels around identified risk areas and regions. By integrating multiple sensor systems and complex learning algorithms, Vigilis improves security and safety, reduces the false detection rates, enhances the situational awareness and confidence of the users. 

Vigilis can be used for port surveillance to alert to collisions, hostile vessels, smuggling, piracy, illegal immigration, obstruction of sea-lanes, and pollution / oil spills.

The system is deployed in multiple international locations, inclusive of some of the world’s most critical bodies of water including being deployed by the United Arab Emirates to protect the Persian Gulf, and by Exxon Mobil in the Nigerian delta and Saudi Aramco to secure one of the world's key crude oil distribution waterways.

  • Sensor independence and rapid interface development
  • Automated rules based alerting and reporting
  • Customizable display and filter settings
  • Programmable behaviors and display filters
  • Multi video screen display and control 16:9 format - UHD
  • Secure asset tracking – Blueforce, ePassport
  • Intercept planning functionality
  • Event replay and recreation
  • AI / data analytics / pattern of life
  • Adaptive bandwidth control
  • Multi device control (LRAD etc.)
  • Panic alarm monitoring

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