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PASOR Portable Acoustic Range

Product Specifications

PASOR is a complete co-operative acoustic measurement range solution.

Processing the output from multiple GPS enabled noise measurement sonobuoys, the system provides calibrated submarine and surface ship source level signature measurements. It captures and records raw acoustic data that is processed in near real-time to provide a high resolution source level (narrow and broadband) signature of the tracked target.

PASOR provides range management through bi-directional acoustic voice and data communications with submarine or surface unit. It enables real-time range measurement of underwater or surface units (submarine tracking system, UT3000 or GPS telemetry units). The system is highly portable and quickly deployed to provide a measurement range or to conduct self noise assessments with near real-time analysis for immediate distribution of results.

  • Portable and rapidly deployable co-operative acoustic measurement range
  • Source level signature measurement of submarines surface ships
  • High resolution, secure signature data recording and analysis
  • Range operational awareness and management of assets through real-time situational awareness displays
  • Bidirection communications with range assets (RF and underwater acoustic communications)
  • Uses disposable sonobuoys as well as both recoverable or station keeping RF buoys 


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