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PASOR Mobile Tracking Range

Product Specification

The L3Harris PASOR MTR provides support for peacetime torpedo firing by providing weapon tracking, localisation and recovery assistance, as well as range safety services.

The primary capability of PASOR MTR is the tracking and localization of Mk84 torpedo pingers. Being portable and rapidly deployed, PASOR MTR makes highly efficient use of valuable time on range, and enables firings of opportunity to occur at very short notice.

The system is deployed on any vessel with onboard power (including aircraft) with walk-aboard systems and sensors that are deployed over-the-side in minutes.

PASOR MTR includes an AIS receiver, enabling range control functionality. Surface vessels and targets can be tracked using AIS with no further equipment installation required. 

With a Mk84 pinger or other telemetry device fitted to the submarine, PASOR MTR becomes a fully cooperative tracking range, enabling full operational awareness of the range area. PASOR MTR range control facilitates range safety procedures as well as asset management, resulting in safer, more time-efficient testing.

The capabilities of the PASOR MTR have been proven in operations with the Royal Australian Navy.

  • Portable and rapidly deployable 
  • Range operational awareness and management of assets through real-time situational awareness displays
  • Bidirection communications with range assets (RF and underwater acoustic communications)
  • Uses disposable sonobuoys as well as both recoverable or station keeping RF buoys 

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