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Phalanx Tracking Pedestal

Product Specifications

Fully U.S. Navy-qualified and field-proven, the Phalanx Tracking Platform was designed and proven to withstand continuous gun shock in a full naval environment. The high-performance isolation and decoupling system allows tracking during gun firing. The lightweight pedestal minimizes impact on gun servo performance.

Adaptable to a wide range of applications and environments, the Phalanx Tracking Platform is available as part of a fully integrated fire control system or as a component for OEM applications. The upper and lower mounting points accommodate a variety of electro-optical sensors: FLIRs, TVs and lasers.

All U.S. Navy surface combatant ship classes and 24 allied nations rely on the Phalanx weapon system. The L3Harris tracking pedestal is installed on the Phalanx land-based version, which is designed to detect and destroy incoming threats and has been combat proven.

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