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Kineto Tracking Mount

Kineto Tracking Mount (KTM)

A KTM may be configured for “manned” or “unmanned” operation and it is designed to track fast moving objects very precisely while providing time, space and position information (TSPI) as required by mission operators. The sensor mounting platforms incorporate a “rail” system to permit quick mounting and bore sight alignment for a wide variety of sensor packages.

Kinteo Tracking Mount (KTM)

Up to the Challenge

The KTM consistently demonstrates its field proven performance and durability:

> Specifically designed to withstand harsh range environments; increasing tracking mount life

> The KTM's direct, torque-motor driven mount delivers smooth, jitter-free tracking to ensure precise time, space and position information (TSPI)

> Self-contained and trailer-mounted, the KTM may be quickly and easily deployed via highway and/or unimproved roads to remote tracking sites

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