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Space Superiority Sustainment

Effective Lifecycle Management

L3Harris' budget-minded viewpoint and more than 50 years of expertise in government systems design and integration enable us to provide meaningful lifecycle cost analysis services and implementation plans. Never compromising on safety or quality, our dynamic and collaborative approach ensures systems continue to increase their warfighting capabilities over time through effective management — even as budgets decrease. We plan and transition systems using proven templates that incorporate emerging technologies in a cost-effective manner and implement transition solutions that reduce risk while delivering greater operational benefits. We co-locate with our customer to ensure the seamless transition to long-term sustainment. 

A Single, Integrated Architecture Approach

Space dominance demands architecting expertise that enhances joint capabilities at the top level, while supporting system development and support at lower levels. L3Harris’ model-based architecture process delivers a single, integrated architecture across all levels. The results are rapid discovery, sharing and reuse of architectural data across enterprise boundaries for complete architecture awareness and lifecycle cost savings — from fielding to maintenance. When the useful life of a developmental prototype must be extended, L3Harris is ready to move fast. Our specialized rapid reaction capability maximizes the existing investment and lets us turn a system designed for short-time use or testing into one that provides years of operational value.

We work with rapid-prototyping organizations so that cycles are short, then apply a unique L3Harris process that ensures all the key “abilities” — sustainability, compatibility, interoperability, dependability and availability — are in place.

Featured Articles


Press release | 04. 19. 2023

L3Harris Awarded $145 Million Contract to Modernize US Space Domain Awareness Capabilities

MELBOURNE, Fla., April 19, 2023 — L3Harris Technologies announced the award of option year four of the Maintenance Of Space Situational Awareness Integrated Capabilities (MOSSAIC) program. The $145 million contract from the U.S. Space Force continues the modernization and sustainment of critical space infrastructure enabling the Space Force core competency of Space Domain Awareness (SDA).  


Press release | 04. 19. 2023

L3Harris Awarded $145 Million Contract to Modernize US Space Domain Awareness Capabilities

L3Harris provides advanced space domain awareness (SDA) capabilities that the U.S. military relies on to detect, attribute and respond to threats against U.S., allied and partner space systems – so there is never a day without space.

Editorial | 09. 28. 2022

An Antidote To Anti-Satellite Threats: L3Harris’ Advanced Optical Assemblies

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