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L3Harris’ Spaceflight Avionics Enable Critical Launch Performance for United Launch Alliance’s New Vulcan Rocket

Integrated Mission Systems
Jan 8, 2024 | 2 MINUTE Read

L3Harris shares ULA’s vision of revolutionizing how exploring space and deploying satellites happens. Vulcan replaces ULA’s Atlas V and Delta IV Heavy. Vulcan continues to deliver on ULA’s unparalleled reliability and precision by delivering a wide variety of payloads into space using L3Harris’ spaceflight avionics.

Selected by ULA for the most crucial and challenging technology for Vulcan, L3Harris safely, securely and cost-effectively delivers power distribution and control for launch vehicles. L3Harris has provided communications transmitters, range safety receivers and data acquisition for previous ULA rockets. Our expanded suite of Vulcan avionics includes data collection, communications, range safety receivers, vehicle flight and staging control and onboard video systems. 

“L3Harris contributes affordability and accessibility to ULA’s transformation of space launch through the Vulcan rocket,” said Kristin Houston, President, Electro Optical, L3Harris. “We continue to provide high-performance launch avionics and superior solutions to ULA and its satellite customers. From planning and design to integration and execution, L3Harris enables the entire mission value chain and envisions solutions for missions on the horizon.” 

In addition to Vulcan, L3Harris is a key supplier for NASA’s Space Launch System, the rocket enabling humanity's return to the Moon as part of the agency's Artemis program, as well as ULA’s Delta and Atlas rockets. L3Harris spaceflight avionics aid in pushing the boundaries of what is possible for space exploration.

Spaceflight Avionics

Launch Vehicle Master/Remote Telemetry Unit

L3Harris’ Master/Remote Telemetry Unit (MRTU) is a fully programmable data acquisition line replaceable unit. The MRTU provides a variety of sensor input signal conditioning and sensor excitations for use in extreme environments such as launch vehicle booster and upper stage applications. 

Multiple MRTUs throughout the vehicle create a telemetry system scalable for up to seven total units with one master, three first-tier remotes, and three second-tier remotes.

T-740U Launch Vehicle Transmitter

The T-740U Transmitter is a rugged and proven high power Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) transmitter that has performed critical launch data transmissions on numerous successful launches. It provides the critical connection between a launch vehicle and NASA’s TDRSS for complete telemetry coverage during ascent and staging, alleviating dependence on downrange telemetry gathering stations. For the launch of Vulcan, the T-740U is the telemetry transmitter that will transmit all of the data the MRTU collects and can deliver critical data through the most challenging of channels and conditions. 

Ever-changing and increasingly complex mission requirements demand high-performance, technologically advanced and low-cost solutions backed by a history of highly reliably launches. L3Harris’ family of space avionics products provide quality, value and reliability for a large range of launch vehicles. Proven launch avionics includes communications, range safety receivers, power distribution and control, data acquisition, flight computers and navigation. Specifically designed and qualified for use on launch vehicles and spacecraft, L3Harris’ highly reliable electronic equipment improves performance and contributes to launch success. 

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