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Spacecraft Communication Certified Data Encryption Unit

Product Specifications

The KGT-777 data-encryption unit provides a comprehensive, integrated, high-speed, type 1 data-encryption solution that meets increasing demands for spacecraft downlink mission data throughput. It features dual-channel capability for data encryption in the range of 10 Mbps-to-2 Gbps per channel, up to 4 Gbps and both channels are fully independent. In addition, each channel provides A-side/B-side inputs and outputs to facilitate external cross-strapping to multiple data sources and mission-data transmitters. 

Radiation-Hardened, Two-Channel, High-Speed, NSA Type 1 Certified Data Encryption Unit

The KGT-777 incorporates a separate removable key assembly for each of the two channels. Each key assembly contains a one-time programmable read-only memory device which can be programmed with up to 128 mission keys. Keys are independently selectable per channel via the command interface, allowing flexibility in encryption of channel 1 and channel 2 data streams. The removable key assembly architecture of the KGT-777 allows for installation of changing the mission keys following manufacture of the unit. 


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