Introducing L3Harris, a leading global aerospace and defense technology company that provides customers with best-in-class products and services.


Introducing L3Harris, a leading global aerospace and defense technology company that provides customers with best-in-class products and services.

We are committed to addressing our customers’ mission-critical challenges. We’ve introduced a new segment operating structure to optimize efficiencies and fuel innovation, while still providing the highest levels of customer service.

Suppliers are important partners in our ability to deliver innovative, affordable mission solutions to address our customers’ critical requirements.

If you’re an existing supplier, our supplier portal has the resources you need to help us provide better, faster, lower-cost and flexible solutions for our customers. You can access our latest Supplier Code of Conduct here. We value our suppliers so be assured that these relationships will continue to be managed by a familiar team of talented leaders. Going forward, we are counting on you to continue to deliver your products and services without interruption and work with your current company contacts.

COVID-19 Information

All L3Harris supplier updates related to COVID-19, as well as access to other relevant resources is available within our L3Harris Suppliers COVID-19 Information and Resources page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What opportunities are available for suppliers for incremental business as a result of the deal?

A: Our combined sales of approximately $18 billion and our future growth prospects provide potential upside opportunities for our suppliers. As part of our integration planning, we have also identified cost-saving opportunities and will be looking for supplier support of our operational excellence initiatives. Those suppliers who are proactive with high quality and delivery performance, innovative technology, value and continuous improvement ideas have the best position for future growth with L3Harris.

Q: Do our past interfaces change as a result of the merger? Where do I ship parts?

A: Please continue to utilize the same supplier portals and ship to the same locations as you did yesterday.

Q: How and where do I submit invoices?

A: Please continue to invoice the same entity as you did yesterday.

Q: Will there be changes to our invoicing process or “remit to” addresses?

A: No. At close, it’s business as usual. If any changes are planned in the future, you will be notified.

Q: Whom do I contact in the future?

A: Until further notice, nothing will change in our day-to-day transactions and the same Supply Chain Management team of buyers and quality engineers will continue to work with you and answer any questions you may have. We will make further announcements as they become available.

Q: How can I benefit as a supplier to L3Harris?

A: We are excited about the opportunities that are created by the formation of L3Harris. We want our suppliers to share that enthusiasm as well! Please know:

  • We are a much larger, more formidable company that will be bidding on more extensive and complex projects.
  • We will leverage our new position to achieve top results in performance, quality, and pricing.
  • We have high ambitions and we want our best-performing suppliers to align with us as we continue to grow our company.

In short, we need great suppliers to help our great new company!

Q: Is there a new Code of Conduct for suppliers?

A: Yes, please click here for our new Code of Conduct.

Q: Will terms and conditions for existing contracts change?

A: No. Our terms and conditions for existing contracts will remain as originally issued. As the integration progresses, we will work with Legal to harmonize terms and conditions for L3Harris. Until then, it is business as usual based on the agreements each company has made.

Q: Will existing supplier contracts change following the close?

A: No. All existing supplier contracts will remain in effect for orders placed prior to the merger close date.