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ARIES-25 Sensor System

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A Technology Readiness Level 9 system, ARIES-25 passively conducts long-standoff, real-time, full motion video and data collection. ARIES-25 provides precise pointing for C2ISR; customs and border patrol; land and maritime search and rescue; and special operation missions. ARIES-25 is qualified to various military standards.

The system features six simultaneous cameras and advanced image processing that can auto-detect and auto-track numerous targets simultaneously with closed-loop tracking. The turret-based ARIES-25 system is adaptable to various platform configurations, and its robust metadata-embedded imagery offers targeting and tracking precision.


  • Six simultaneous cameras (VISN , NIRN, MWIRN, VISW, NIRW, MWIRW)
    • High-definition, multi-spectral imaging with advanced 11-inch multi-spectral telescope (Mid-Wave IR (MWIR)/Near IR (NIR)/visible)
    • Matched wide-field-of-view, high-definition multi-spectral telescope provides context in MWIR, NIR and visible bands
    • Precision stabilization provides five-axis stabilization to the entire optical bench
    • Shared-aperture sensors grouped along turret centerline to optimize field of regard
  • Packaging flexibility and configurability to meet host platform interfaces
  • Installed weight is less than 500 pounds
  • Advanced image processing to auto-detect and track up to 10 targets at once
  • Closed-loop tracking capability
  • Dual inertial navigation systems provide sub-pixel, frame-to-frame stabilization and precision pointing
  • Features static or dynamic host configuration protocol
  • Network-enabled automatic configuration supports transmission control and internet protocol for command and control and video streaming supporting multi-cast and UDP
  • Optional data recording systems enable use of raw or streamed video for post-mission analysis
  • Customer-specific algorithm implementation


  • ARIES-25 Data Sheet
    ARIES-25 Data Sheet

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