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Communication Using Underwater Ultrasonic Wireless

Product Specifications

CUUUWi is a communications gateway which enables voice and textbased data communication between above water mobile phone and SATCOM users to underwater users or platforms. It enables underwater vehicles and autonomous sensors to connect and communicate with above water satellite and mobile telecommunications network without surfacing.

The system can be used for two key roles:

  • Submarine detection and emergency communications - CUUUWi can be fitted to a fleet of USVs and set on a search pattern, scanning the oceans to detect the emergency pulses of a lost submarine and establishing a communications link between submarines at depth and their command HQ to improve search and recovery operations.
  • Secure communication at speed and depth - CUUUWi can provide encrypted secure communications for a submarine to communicate with the outside world when in stealth mode, by acting as a low signature surface based communications gateway, enabling voice and text-based data communication between above water mobile phone and SATCOM to underwater users or platforms, operating within a range of 10km of the gateway (environment dependent).

The systems extend the potential for through water communications for a range of subsea platforms including Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), seabed sensors, submarines, ships, and divers.

The modem uses third generation MASQ (Multichannel Acoustic Signalling Quality of Service) multichannel Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology for high reliability communications, robust against multipath inter symbol interference.

Equipment such as the Liquid Robotics Wave Glider provide a pervasive, remotely navigated gateway platform to deploy the CUUUWi system.

  • Communications at speed and depth
  • No local storage of data
  • Persistent 
  • Remote controlled
  • Long life
  • Encryption
  • Scuttling
  • Other acoustic modems
  • High speed modems (induction/light)
  • Air deployment


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