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Electronically Steered Array (ESA) Solutions

Product Specifications

L3Harris’ ESA solution offers customized, low SWaP, reconfigurable solutions that integrates multi-INT technology into a variety of air, land, and sea platforms.

  • High gain, narrow beam patterns enhance system performance in dense signal environments enabling standoff collection in a near-peer strategy
  • Enhances SIGINT, COMINT, RF enabled Cyber, and Precision EW market spaces for spectrum superiority
  • Miniature reconfigurable beamformer (MRB) allows beamsteering capabilities on a cadre platforms to enhance signal collection
  • TRL9 components based on current USAF large fixed wing SIGINT technologies
  • Back-end agnostic, providing collection to multiple receivers instantaneously
  • Steerable via GOTS GeoToolKit (GTK); Enables target tracking/auto steering and is interoperable with any system that talks to GTK and/or ROVER
  • Wideband instantaneous RF beamforming augments the ESA building block architecture for optimal technology insertion

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