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Micro and Miniature Reconfigurable Beamformers

Product Specifications

L3Harris' Miniature Reconfigurable Beamformer (MRB) uses true time delay elements, allowing it to be electronically steerable. Its modular design allows multiple beamformers to electronically control multiple elements of an antenna array to provide multiple, steered, narrow beams. These narrow beams isolate specific signals of interest in cluttered environments, thus mitigating co-channel interference. The MRB is a modular building block that contains all of the circuit elements needed to build a phased array antenna: RF limiters, LNAs, adjustable time and attenuation elements and manifold. The Receive (Rx) MRB uses adjustable time delay elements that provide frequency independent beam steering over the entire operating band of 0.45 to 6.5 GHz. Using true time delay (TTD), the MRB does not require frequency tuning and is free from the bandwidth limitations associated with phase shifters. 

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