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Load-Bearing Arrays

Product Specifications

L3Harris has developed a family of unique, load bearing, high gain antenna solutions to combat the co-channel problem. These antennas are built using a lightweight and durable, multi-layer, composite construction that can be rapidly designed and fabricated to meet specific customer requirements. Our versatile approach to these conformal antennas is to replace existing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) load-bearing structures with a form, fit, and function “composite stack up” Load Bearing Conformal Antenna (LBCA) that requires little or no modification of the existing platform’s look or physical form.  The LBCA composite stack up construction is unique to the current market using proprietary techniques to weave RF transparent structure in with the antenna elements yielding a SWaP optimized solution.

L3Harris also has extensive experience with integrating antenna apertures into existing body panels of a variety of aircraft and provides full airworthiness certification that satisfies all military and FAA requirements.

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